Our Team

Angela Brown (Researcher) United Kingdom
Following a redundancy from her position of Sales Manager in 2012, Angie found herself with time on her hands. Already a keen genealogist, she began to compile family trees' for friends and neighbours. A regular viewer of TV's  'Who do you think you are' and Heir Hunters' led her to think of ways in which she could turn her hobby into a career. After surfing the internet she came across the HHA and went on to join as a member in early 2013.
After attending a number of Master Classes aimed at providing the knowledge and understanding of how to become a successful 'Heir Hunter', Angie progressed onto Probate Research work and set up her own company and has gone on to submit many successful claims to Treasury Department. Angie is also a member of FPAR (The Federation Of Probate and Assett Researchers Ltd).
Angie also works as a travelling researcher on behalf of another FPAR member company, another aspect of the job she enjoys.
When not sat in front of a computer screen, Angie enjoys walking and spending time with her family.
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