The services we provide as a team link to a vast array of support services and websites, owned and operated by the HHA, which enable us to access and solve the most complex of cases.


Often our team members will work with members of the HHA or FPAR who have specialist knowledge and experience; it is therefore not unusual for several people to be involved in some of the more complex and high value cases. 


Researchers and directors/partners have special high level access to many website services to dramatically increase their research abilities. 

This website was launched in January 2015, but the service itself under this team was established in 2014 and has already handled a large portfolio of cases.


The overall HHA organisation was set up in August 2009 and its progress has been charted by online newsletters, which were launched in October 2009 at  Over 3,000 members, clients and research partners receive the newsletter, which also charts the progress of FPAR.

Much of our work is carried out on a contingency no win, no fee basis. This means that you ONLY pay a commission out of an inheritance, your share of an estate or unclaimed financial asset.


All our fees and costs are clearly outlined before entering into any commitment. We also always recommend that you discuss the risks and implications with a friend, relative or professional advisor before signing any contract or agreement with us. 



The extent of research projects that are fed to us by the HHA are wide and varied. Each assignment brings its own challenges, so our researchers are taxed on an ongoing basis.


Training and education of the team is continuous. Each researcher has access to high level tools and can provide rapid answers to taxing queries, often sharing experiences and knowledge with other team members.


The HHA newsletter and forum provide regular news of interest to members as a whole and the other group research teams.

We often deal with case where a person has died and there is no obvious next of kin.

We can trace heirs and organise the legal process of dealing with the estate.

In some cases where the estate is small value the local council will deal with matters.

Please CONTACT US with outline details and we can advise options.

Often builders and developers come to us to help trace the beneficial owners of land and property that seems neglected and forgotten.


We can trade the owners and arrange for  sale of the property often at a substantial value, often millions.


If you know of any such property or have  a development property with a problem over ownership CONTACT US with details. 

We welcome enquiries from any financial organisation with portfolios of dormant accounts; these may be savings and investments, shares, pensions, life insurance etc.


As an organisation we have vast resources at our disposal. This website service is just a small part of the entire operation, so we are equipped to deal with portfolios of a few hundred to many thousands.


Dedicated teams and, if needed, web intranets can be allocated to client accounts under our ASSET RESEARCH division. 


To find out more, please use the CONTACT US form. This will enable us to deal with your enquiry and to prepare a tailored solution. This often leads to a meeting and a formal proposal of options tailored to your needs. 

We are always looking out for new researchers for occasional or regular assignments. Most of the Senior Reserarch team shown on this website live in or close to Rugby as they often meet for team meetings and to socialise. We therefore welcome new applicants who satisfy this locality criteria.


We have established partnership agreements with a number of people living nationally and indeed internationally. These are drawn from HHA or FPAR membership, so that is another prerequisite.


For new and fledgling researchers we offer opportunites to research BV cases and establish leeds to heirs, making not contact with heirs they pass a strong lead to a Senior Researcher . Both researchers receive a commission from a successfully claimed estate. To ensure quality researchers only join the program a monthly subscription of £25 applies as we demand only the best people. This means able researchers can join the program at low cost, and work from home in their own time and at their own pace. 


Our team members mainly work from home, either full or part time, although a few have offices and staff. Overall, we do not look for specific qualifications but a keen interest in and recent experience of family history research. 


Payment varies from hourly rates to commission-linked bonuses; shared cases are often arranged on a case-by-case basis. 


The first step is to make an enquiry using the CONTACT US form and tell us a little about yourself.

The Federation of Probate and Asset Researchers Ltd (FPAR) is a non profit trade association which monitors the industry for quality standards.

Membership to FPAR ( ) is on an individual basis, the following team members are FPAR members

  • Helen Ball
  • Simon Maxwell
  • Maurice Clarke ( Maurice was co-founder of FPAR and a director until March 2016) 

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From time to time clients take the time to give us feedback about our services, often where the value on family history is more useful to them than the money they receive.


Dear Debby

We wish to thank you for all the assistance you gave to us. You were a pleasure to deal with.

Many thanks

Laurence and Kathleen Harty (Australia) 


Dear Ruth

I really appeciate the work you have done in tracing back my grandmother's ancestors . This was above the call of duty when you are clearly very busy.

If you have any prospecive clients seeking a reference I would be happy to give them a postive recommendation. 

Ian Hanson


Dear Mr Clarke,
Many thanks for sending me a cheque regarding the distribution of funds from the estate of the late Lawrence Declan Cumiskey. This came as a complete surprise and I’m appreciative of your work in dealing with the matter.
Yours sincerely
Alex Julyan


Hi Jenny hope you are well just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and diligence we have received the cheques mixed emotions really on one hand a nice surprise tinged with a little sadness receiving an inheritance from an uncle we have never met and I don't know much about.

I will try and find out about him via death certificate etc once again on behalf of Andrew and Christine thank you regards to Maurice take care regards Kevin  


Dear Mr. Clarke.
Please accept this as a receipt of payment of the above estate,your cheque arrived safe last week. It came as a pleasant surprise after the first payment a few months ago,didn't expect another payment.
Regards Dave Watson


Hi Maurice

YIPPPPEEEEE just wanted to say a big thank you for helping my Dad. He has today received a cheque and also information on his family....he is sooooo happy. As you now he hasn’t been well but this has certainly lifted his spirits. Thank you so much.

Kindest regards

Linda Terry


Hi  Maurice,

A huge thankyou to you and your team of Heirhunters who did so much investigating in what was an enigma of a case, It was so exciting unravelling the mysteries of my grandfathers background and how he came to the Uk after living in Poland and his duties in WW2. 
We would never have known any of this if it wasnt for you.
You also worked very hard with the BV when things were difficult and managed to get my mother her inheritance.
A great, professional association. Thankyou again for all your hard work.
Carol Foy
Thanks to Mr. Clarke and his team of researchers, I have recently received a small inheritance from an almost forgotten family member whose estate I assumed to have been settled many years ago. From first notification to distribution of funds the whole procedure was carried out efficiently and quickly.
Michael Oakley


Dear Jenny
I can't thank you enough for all the work you have put into this case.....Again I can't thank you and Maurice enough for helping me solve this mystery.
Yours Maxine Stephenson